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Dalton A. Dalton

Dalton is a Media major at Arcadia University specializing in graphic design and writing. Writing about music and tropes in media is of special interest. They love metal music and sci-fi films. Serious or not, Dalton finds the humor in anything and their goal is to write it all down and send it out.

Pain Hustlers

Pain Hustlers (2023): A Review

A woman named Liza, desperate to get a job and steady flow of cash for her and her daughter, meets a man named Pete who tells her he could make her 100k in a year. That was only the beginning.

Eye on the Bat by Palehound, An Album Review

Eye on the Bat by Palehound, An Album Review

If listeners were to visualize “Eye on the Bat” as a state of being, it can be described almost like Kempner writes one song in their body and another song floating above it. They tell the story of what happened in one track and then what they felt about the whole thing in the next track. It’s an honest way to write an album. It feels more personal, more self-aware.

Best Stand-Up Specials on Netflix Right Now

Scrolling on Netflix for something to watch can take almost as long as the thing you end up watching. Comedy shows are a dime a dozen these days, with some of the same raunchy jokes for an hour. As the list of stand-ups grows on Netflix, the list of actual funny ones gets shorter. Here are a handful of good-hearted, actually funny stand-up comedy shows everyone should check out.