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Elisabeth McGowan

Elisabeth joined Dead Talk News in 2022 and loves movies and TV! After working for various sites, including Screen Rant and Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Elisabeth joined DTN to critique and review various movies, from horror flicks to Disney live-actions.

McCay Trip

Trip (2022): A Review

Director Neil McCay effectively world builds through continuously creepy cinematographic choices and mind-boggling effects of a hallucinogenic tea.


Freaky (2020): A Review

Before you presume this is just a scarier ode to 2003’s “Freaky Friday”, hold on — “Freaky” is actually funny, jump-worthy, and overall skillfully calculated.


1922 (2017): A Review

“1922” isn’t unique nor even that scary either, but like any Stephen King novel-based film, the story keeps us engaged in its cold-blooded nature.