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HH Holmes

HH Holmes: The Real Life Horror Villain

A lot of horror movies are heavily influenced by true crime, and the stories of real-life serial killers are often alluded to in horror. The slasher genre, for instance, would most likely be very different if we didn’t all know the story of Jack the Ripper. But when it comes to macabre real life events, my mind almost instantly goes to HH Holmes.


Jaws, Knowledge, and Experience

In the movie Jaws (1975), Hooper irritably mocks Quint for his “working-class hero” shtick. It’s a throwaway line in the film, but I always saw it as a much-needed moment of self-awareness about the dynamic between those two characters: the tension between the two characters does hark to the traditional “working-class hero versus the wealthy academic” trope.

the witch's tale

The Witch’s Tale

“The Witch’s Tale” was a radio anthology series that played in syndication between 1931 and 1938. It was both the first horror radio show and, by extension, the first broadcasted horror series.

haunted house

Haunted Attractions: A Brief History

The haunted attraction industry that exists as an offshoot of Halloween traditions, however, can arguably be placed back to our old friend, the Victorian era.

horror art

Horror And The Art Debate

So, what is art? That’s a question that artists and academics alike have been waxing philosophical about for thousands of years. There are entire professions built around arguing about that question.

movie laughing

Laughing In Horror Movies

Most of the horror fandom knows that laughing during horror movies is normal. I’m guessing that a lot of people reading this do the same thing.


Flowers In The Attic, A Review

The 1979 novel “Flowers in the Attic” is one of those books that people either love or mock, and I, the obnoxious fence-sitter, cannot even begin to pick a side there. I guess, I enjoy it? I’m not planning to throw out my copy of it any time soon. But, I also agree with a lot of the criticisms people have of it.