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erik knudsen

Erik Knudsen, Joining Dead Talk Live July 12th!

One of Erik Knudsen’s interesting known trademarks is a pair of black converse. He is a Canadian actor, and Erik also portrayed teen tech genius ‘Alec Sadler’ in the Canadian science fiction series “Continuum.”

kerr smith

Kerr Smith, Joining Dead Talk Live July 8th!

Kerr Smith began his acting career after attending college, and in a historical instance, his kiss with actor Adam Kaufman on “Dawson’s Creek” (1998) was the first ever gay male kiss on prime time television.

BJ McDonnell

BJ McDonnell, Joining Dead Talk Live June 29th!

BJ McDonnell is most known for his direction of “Hatchet 3” (2012). McDonnell also directed the critically-lauded, live action rendition of the “Dead Island” commercial, which received over one million hits in its first week on YouTube!