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8 Horror Reading Recommendations

“House of Leaves” (2000) by Mark Z. Danielewski is a fantastic novel with a surreal feel, as you are reading it… find out which other books are recommended…

warm bodies zombies

Socially Acceptable Zombies

Zombies are commonly stereotyped as slow moving, unthinking undead. In recent decades, zombies went from “not us, dangerous at all times, kill on sight,” to tolerated yet often closeted functional members of society.

hill house

The Untimely Deaths of Hill House and Bly Manor

What we perceive to be is not entirely what there is to see. Both “The Haunting of Hill House” (2018) and “The Haunting of Bly Manor” (2020) muddy the waters of the circumstances surrounding the deaths of its characters.

the lodge

Religious Themes In Horror: The Lodge

In The Lodge, Grace was the only survivor of a mass suicide inspired by an extremist Christian cult, orchestrated by her father. She is anxious around any religious objects.

the lodge

The Lodge, A Review

“The Lodge” is a 2019 psychological horror with an interesting take on the long term negative effects of exposure to both religion and horrid children.