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Kayla Wassell

Dead Talk News Writer

the lodge

The Lodge, A Review

“The Lodge” is a 2019 psychological horror with an interesting take on the long term negative effects of exposure to both religion and horrid children.


“Them” Interview With Sophia Guest

Sophia Guest joins Dead Talk Live Host, John Vizaniaris, discussing her role as Doris on “Them” (2021), a horror drama that centers around themes of both the supernatural and racism.


Stephanie, A Review

Stephanie has no one but her stuffed turtle, Franklin, and the corpse of her dead brother for companionship. No one else is with her, or seemingly around her, save for an occasional visit from a dangerous yet unseen creature stalking her.


Winchester Review

Winchester review on Dead Talk News. See how this horror story mixes real history into its narrative for even greater effect.


The Possession Review

If you enjoy a horror film about a dedicated father with tons of disturbing scenes, check this one out.