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Kayla Wassell

Dead Talk News Writer


Creep Review

Creep (2015) is an accurately named horror film with an unsettling plot centered around the interactions of two men. Aaron accepts a job with only an address and the promise of $1,000 for a day of filming. Shot in the found footage style similar to Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and The Blair Witch Project (1999).


Horns Review

For fans of horror comedies, Horns (2013) is a must see. Our main character waking up one morning to see horns growing out of his head in a religious town, the entirety of which is convinced he murdered his girlfriend, would probably harm his defense, but this proves not the case for Ig.

The Ritual

The Ritual Review

A lovely mix of horror and building suspense that conceals the mystery tucked menacingly amongst the trees.