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Serial Killers

Top 10 Horror Movie Serial Killers

The creation of horror can start with many things, such as monsters, murder, haunts, fright etc. In the cinema world, serial killers have taken over the big screen for many decades. What makes a real serial killer is not the amount of people they kill, but how the murderer’s state of mind was and how they proceed during his or her spree.

Dark Shadows

The Shadows Among ‘Dark Shadows’

“Dark Shadows” was a Gothic television soap opera that ran from 1966 to 1971. The show featured the haunted lives and history of the Collins family in Collinsport, Maine. Episodes were filled with murder, ghosts, curses, legends, and monsters, but what made the show become a big hit was the appearance of the legendary TV vampire, Barnabas Collins.

Cursed Books

Cursed Books You Should Not Read

The world as we know it is a strange and mysterious place. There are places that we have not yet discovered and dangers that are yet to unfold. Included in our unknown world is the study of literature and stories. Here is a list of cursed books from around the world that were banned, destroyed, or are just too risky to read.

Tim Burton

Top 8 Tim Burton Horror Movies

Tim Burton is considered as one of the founding fathers of fantasy and creative movies. His work ranges across many different genres, but mainly in the world of horror and darkness. Here is a list of Tim Burton’s 8 top known and iconic horror/fantasy films.

Addams Family

The Addams vs. The Munsters

The Munsters and The Addams Family both were television shows that featured the daily odd life of a family with uncanny, abnormal behavior, but both horror families were beloved and watched by all its viewers.

Young Adult Horror Authors

Young Adult Horror Authors To Read

Where does a love for horror begin? Somebody showed you this new world and it drew your mind to the different horrifying ways of imagination. Here is a list of young adult authors who inspired newcomers to the world of the dark side.

Evil Cars

Top 3 Evil Cars in Horror Movies

Believe it or not a haunted car actually sounds frightening. Some may think it’s a stupid idea and it seems silly for a car to be haunted, but could you imagine the many ways you could be tortured or killed by a possessed vehicle.

Scary Dolls

Top 7 Scary Dolls in Horror Movies

Scary is always the number one priority and theme for every horror, psychological, and thriller movie. In this article, we will be talking about top 7 scary and creepy dolls in horror movies.

halloween kills

Halloween Kills, A Review

Michael Myers is back! The “Halloween Kills” movie is creeping into movie theaters everywhere. Here’s what we know about the slasher movie, including its premiere date, the cast, and more!