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Laura T. Fenney

Laura is a screenwriter and script consultant based in New York. She has a penchant for absurd comedy and psychological thrillers.

Bill's Staying Killed

Bill’s Staying Killed

Despite fan demand, as well as rumors of Uma Thurman and her daughter Maya Hawke joining the cast, Quentin Tarantino squashes hope for a third “Kill Bill.” His tenth and final film will be “The Movie Critic.”

Game Over: Saw X Trailer Debut This July

Game Over: Saw X Trailer Debut This July

In Saw X, viewers will be transported to the time period, where Jigsaw is alive-and-not-quite-well and the survivor-turned-Jigsaw-protégé Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) makes her onscreen return.

Special Ops: Lioness Paramount+ Teaser Trailer Drops

Taylor Sheridan of “Yellowstone” acclaim and its highly-regarded spin-offs brings us an exciting espionage thriller featuring Morgan Freeman, Zoe Saldana, and Nicole Kidman that expects to delight previous fans of his works, and bring a slew of new ones into the mix.

Platonic 2023: A Review. Two hands pinkie shake as best friends do.

Platonic (2023): A Review

Apple TV+’s hilarious new series “Platonic,” starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, answers the question: what happens when a male and female build intimacy with someone other than their partner?