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Madelyn R. Whelan

Madelyn Whelan attends Merrimack College and studies English with a concentration in creative writing, with a minor in interdisciplinary film studies. She wants to be an author, focusing on fiction and poetry. After graduation, she wants to go on to get her master’s degree in creative writing.

Biopics That Are Impacted

Biopics That Are Impacted By The Truth

The truth is not always what’s best for the film. Bending or leaving out truths may make the film easier to film, more interesting, more cohesive. All that matters in the end is the final product. There are some biopics, though, that are dampened by the truth if one looks for it.

Sharp Objects

How Sharp Objects Shows the Dark Side of Parenting

Sharp Objects is all about the neglect, passiveness, pain, and poison of parenting, specifically motherhood. Through the eyes of Camille, we are able to see her journey of loving herself and her inner child, hurt and lost at the hands of her mother.

Ryan Gosling

How The Nice Guys Showed That Ryan Gosling Is Perfect For Ken 

With so many positive reviews of Ryan Gosling’s performance of Ken, it’s clear that Ryan Gosling has the chops to be in comedic roles. Looking at his filmography, it may be hard to believe that Ryan played Ken so well. There is one film that is indicative of his humor and capabilities: Shane Black’s The Nice Guys.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon Season 1: Recap

The ruling Targaryen family, the Velaryon family, and their allies make up Team Black; The hand of the king, Otto Hightower, and his daughter Alicent, along with their allies, make up Team Green.

Beef: A Hidden Gem of 2023 TV

While this year has been a stellar year for television, with a Game of Thrones prequel, a third season of the Mandalorian, and the long-anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us all part of this year’s releases, one show has slid beneath the radar. Directed and written by Lee Sung Jin, and produced by the growing powerhouse A24, Beef was released in April 2023 on Netflix. The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun and comedian Ali Wong are the two main characters of the show, bringing a considerable amount of star power.