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Gothic Icons

The Next Gothic Character Icon

You must have noticed by now that the night remains quiet and the shadows are too still. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you; the monsters have all grown old.

Just Beyond

Just Beyond (2021): A Review

This latest R. L Stine inspired anthology of horror stories reveals a different kind of terror all the while exploring aspects of our daily lives and the carelessness of what is popularly considered normal.

Horror Novels

Horror Novels to Wait For in 2022

Grim, ghastly, and gruesome, phrases you came to love in 2021 for the many horror novels you read and movies you saw that still keep you up at night. Good news, 2022 will be worse.

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire: A Novel Review

Many authors and their descriptions have told us that vampires are evil and wicked because any creature that feeds off the death of another isn’t meant to exist in our kind conscience pricking world. But in 1976, an English writer Anne Rice, decided to disprove these insulting stereotypes by leaking to us a secret exclusive coverage in a novel she titled “Interview with The Vampire”.


Why Horror Movies Are So Scary

You wait for the bloopers of the scary movie, so you can convince your subconscious that what you have just seen at that hour of the night, is only fiction.