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Pumpkinhead, A Review

Witchcraft and spooky stories in the dark… nothing screams Halloween more. “Pumpkinhead,” originally released in 1988, mixes good ol’ fashioned witchcraft with a horror film that was influenced by folk stories around the Appalachian region.

us 2019

Us (2019), A Review

As experienced through the famous film directed by Jordan Peele, “Get Out” (2017), his newest film “Us,” released in 2019 brings unnerving, stressful, and bloody scenes to the audience,

horror express

Horror Express, A Review

The horror film “Horror Express” (1972), which may be familiar to avid horror film enthusiasts, is a B-rated movie that proves to have little aspirations to be anything more.


American Horror Stories, TV Series

The FX show “American Horror Story” (2011) has finally, after years of feral fear and explicit violence, released a spinoff show that touched down in the horror genre last week for the first time this summer.

horror for children

Positive And Negative Effects Of Horror

While growing up with scary movies and hiding under the covers with a nightlight is a classic way many children go to sleep at night, there can be long lasting effects of horror and scary themes on children.


5 Real-Life Haunted Places

There are a few real places throughout the world that give people strange, unsettling feelings and overwhelming emotions, due to the strange occurrences that are experienced there. Some of these places are truly haunted.

haunting in connecticut 2

A Haunting in Connecticut 2, An Overview

After not much time at all in “A Haunting In Connecticut 2,” which moves at a good pace, Heidi begins experiencing strange, unnatural events and seeing apparitions and ghosts of individuals who used to reside there.


Dracula (2020 TV Series), A Review

The TV series, “Dracula,” originally released in the UK and later released on Netflix, was a limited series remix of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula set over three episodes.

jekyll and hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The novel “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886 is oftentimes overlooked when discussing classic horror novels. However, the themes and symbolism throughout the story are deeply disturbing.

the forever purge

The Forever Purge, A Review

Released on July 2, 2021, The Forever Purge has already made over 70 million dollars in the first weekend alone. So, what makes this movie and series so bloodcurdling amazing?