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Molly Wilson

Dead Talk News Writer

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap (1979): A Review

“Tourist Trap” follows a group of five young friends who end up stranded at a strange, secluded roadside museum where they are stalked by a masked assailant obsessed with mannequins.

Best Opening Scenes

The Best Opening Scenes in Horror

An intro scene has to do its best to pull the audience in with intrigue and make people want to keep watching. Here are a few of the best opening scenes from some impactful horror films.

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses (2018): A Review

“Butterfly Kisses” follows a filmmaker who discovers a box of video tapes from 2004 that contain footage of a local urban legend, the Peeping Tom.

Archive 81

Archive 81 (2022): A Review

“Archive 81” is a Netflix original series based off of a podcast of the same name. The series follows an archivist that is hired to restore a collection of old tapes.

Winter Horror Movies

Five Great Winter Horror Movies

Horror movies are great year round. However, there is something so different and comforting about watching dreary horror movies in the dead of winter.

Scream 2

Scream 2 (1997): A Review

In preparation for the new installment coming up, I rewatched the Scream franchise. The original is my favorite and the one I have seen the most so I was excited to revisit the sequels.


Ghosts (2021): A Review

In “Ghosts”, we follow a couple from New York, Samantha and Jay. They move into an older house they inherited and want to convert into a bed and breakfast.


Yellowjackets (2021): A Review

A girls soccer team experiences a plane crash into the Canadian wilderness and the survivors have to figure out how to work together to stay alive with the hope of being rescued.