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Dead Talk News Writer

Megan is Missing

Megan is Missing (2011): A Review

Before talking to empty black boxes online was normal, my parents warned me about the bad intentions of the people behind them. “Megan is Missing” is a film that made me glad I listened.


Mockumentaries To Binge Right Now

Mockumentaries, sometimes described as found footage films, have gained popularity after the initial release of “The Blair Witch” in 1999 for their shaky and realistic portrayal of first-person horror.

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful: A Review

A Victorian Gothic of immersive fiction, “Penny Dreadful” spooks audiences with assorted subplots of taboo supernatural lore and is a hallmark of picturesque horror.


Uzumaki (1999): A Review

There are words for every sort of fear a human could possibly have these days. Animal phobias, environmental phobias, medical-based phobias and…spirals?

Horror Animes

Top Ten Horror Animes to Watch in 2022

With the growing variety of animated styles, so do the amount of genres and subgenres. Here are ten horror animes that you will want to check out sooner rather than later.

Children in Horror

Top 10 Children in Horror

Children are the key ingredient for making a horror film even scarier. And we all know, the cuter they are, the scarier they tend to be.