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Rhonda Turner

Writer - Dead Talk News

The Sinner

The Sinner: A Review

The Sinner (2017-2021) was originally a USA Network anthology series examining ordinary people’s motives when committing brutal crimes.


Firebite (2021): A Review

One of the enticing aspects of the horror genre is the opportunity for personal examination and social commentary.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in a Shell: A Franchise Overview

Award-winning, Japanese director Mamoru Oshii and prolific screenwriter Kazunori Itô joined forces to adapt Shirow Masamune’s stunning award-winning cyber-tech Manga anime that sparked a multi-decade franchise.

Red Snow

Red Snow (2021): A Review

This off-beat thriller subtly lampoons the traditional vampire romance tale of ill-fated writer Olivia Romo (Cisneros), who is naively obsessed with vampires.


ANNA (2014): A Review

As a longtime assistant director and creator of documentaries, Spanish filmmaker Jorge Dorado makes his feature-length debut with this neo-noir, psychological drama by story writer Martha Holmes and first-time feature screenwriter Guy Homes.


Moonfall Expected Release Date

“Moonfall” is a space-based disaster film by brother and sister team Roland and Ute Emmerich and Centropolis Entertainment. Centropolis is responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster feature films of the past two decades, including Independence Day, 2012, and Day After Tomorrow.

Devil In Ohio

Devil In Ohio Picked Up By Netflix

Netflix announced it has picked up the drama Devil in Ohio as a limited series. Inspired by a true story, the suspenseful thriller is straight from the 2017 best-seller by author and executive producer Daria Polatin (Jack Ryan, Hunters). Polatin also serves as the showrunner for the limited series. Polatin is currently executive story editor for Starz’s new wrestling drama, Heels.