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Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime For July 2021

There are always bountiful and lean months when it comes to television scheduling and movies. Unfortunately, July 2021 seems to be one of the less bountiful months for horror movies on Amazon Prime. But, there are still some fantastic gems to watch. Looking at the line-up, it’s quality over quantity.

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True Genre Classics

Choosing four classic genre favorites is almost impossible. So, instead, these are four of the most influential classic horror movies ever made.


The Unholy, A Review

Filmed in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the movie is subtle. Cursory comparisons to Father Karras kept jumping to mind. “The Unholy” is not gory; it is scary. Well-placed demons, a few stylized screen effects, and “The Grudge-style” motion graphics tell the story without being overdone.


The Devil Below, A Review

Twice-nominated at the 2021 Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival, “The Devil Below” (2021) is one of those films where the concept has true potential.


Initiation, A Review

Writer-Director John Berardo presents the audience with a slick, stylish, stereotypical view of campus life.


Spiral, Book Of Saw Review

The “Saw” story follows the traditional “Jigsaw” ideology of “kill, maim, destroy or be killed,” throwing in the gore-driven exploration of narcissistic behavior, self-sacrifice, human frailty, revenge, and even psychopathic, murderous genius. But, ultimately, the franchise creators once again cater to the demands of the strong fan-base.

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Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime For June 2021

Four horror-styled movies new to Amazon Prime this June 2021 that are definitely worth your valuable streaming time are Saint Maud (2019), The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2016), Bad Samaritan (2018), and To Your Last Death (2021).


Dark West coming to the big screen

The Wrap, to the thrill of all vampire fans, broke the story that Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015) writer-director Kiah Roache-Turner will adapt Richard Kadrey’s original screenplay Dark West.