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Sadie Clark

Sadie is an Intern Article Writer and Senior English Major at the University of Central Arkansas. In her spare time, she enjoys watching horror movies, reading, and spending time with her guinea pigs, Ginger and Spike.


Tusk (2014): A Review

This is a film that children and young people should never hear about, and adults should avoid like the plague if they care about their sanity.


V/H/S/94 (2021): A Review

In October of 2021, Directors Timo Tjahjanto, Simon Barrett, and Jennifer Reeder released the fourth installment in their V/H/S series, known infamously as “V/H/S/94” (2021).

Horror Junkies

Horror Junkies Stay Away From These Films

The horror movie genre has been around for decades, and in this time thousands upon thousands of films have been produced. Some of them merely exist to induce laughter at the cost of some cheap fake blood and horrible special effects.


Nightbreed (1990): A Review

Nothing screams horror like a well-infused combination of a psychotic serial murderer and mystical creatures ruled by Baphomet. Director Clive Barker reached newer, more disturbing heights in his 1990’s classic, “Nightbreed”. What makes this movie so unique and fresh is the mixture of realistic and mystical horror.


The Blob, A Review

Growing up watching 80’s movies with my mother was one of the best parts of childhood, although she always warned me against one film… Chuck Russell’s “The Blob.”