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Sadie Clark

Sadie is an Intern Article Writer and Senior English Major at the University of Central Arkansas. In her spare time, she enjoys watching horror movies, reading, and spending time with her guinea pigs, Ginger and Spike.

national parks

Missing in National Parks

Recently on the true crime side of TikTok, a popular video entertainment platform, stories about missing people have been on the rise to spread awareness. Out of this genre, a subcategory emerged of people who have gone missing within national parks and have never been found.

return of the living dead

Return of the Living Dead, A Review

The story progresses in all the right ways, and it entails nonstop zombie action. It is also important to note that with the essence of 1980’s horror comes dated special effects.

zac as ted

Romanticizing Serial Killers

Since there has been an uprising in films made about “popular” true crime cases, there have been popular actors and actresses casted to portray these people.