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Parents (1989): A Review

Despite its lackluster name, “Parents” is an old horror comedy that is oddly entertaining to watch, even if the comedy is not what I was expecting.

A Chinese Ghost Story

A Chinese Ghost Story (1987): A Review

As the first of its series, “A Chinese Ghost Story” (1987) is considered a classic among Hong Kong films. After sitting through an admittedly amusing buildup to the horror scenes, I can see why the film has its own cult following.

We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here (2015): A Review

In its own definition, We Are Still Here (2015) is a ghost story – a horror film that promises suspense and jump scares in equal measure. Surprisingly, this might be a movie to measure up to your expectations.


Svengali (1931): A Review

It’s always a pleasant surprise to find old movies made before the Hays Code, especially ones like Svengali (1931). The movie, of course, introduces Svengali in the middle of his profession as one of his students reveals to have left her violent husband in favor of her singing teacher.

Blood and Donuts

Blood and Donuts (1995): A Review

In its humble beginnings as a Canadian film, Blood and Donuts (1995) is a supernatural comedy horror that has all the charm of a sitcom. Of course, it can’t be a horror without its monster.

House Walk-Through

Defining Horror by House Walk-Throughs

For those familiar with the world of horror games, Silent Hill P.T. (2014) may ring a bell or several. The most misleading description, and yet the most accurate, is that the title is a playable videogame demo of a future psychological horror game called Silent Hills. No, the game is not out yet –and it will never be.