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Syd Sukalski

Syd Sukalski attends Sarah Lawrence College and studies television writing and production and fiction writing. Syd aspires to write novels that she will adapt into a television series. She recently finished a draft of her first novel and is hard at work on her second.

Why We Never See the Bombing in Oppenheimer

Why We Never See the Bombing in Oppenheimer

Not only does the lack of the bombing in “Oppenheimer” give the audience a window into Robert’s morality, but it also raises moral questions that the audience can grapple with on their own.

Blades of Glory: An Underrated Buddy Comedy

Blades of Glory: An Underrated Buddy Comedy

The real testament to both of their growth comes when Chazz breaks his ankle, and they must go into “the deadly Iron Lotus,” an ice skating move that has only ever ended in decapitation, in reverse.

buffy the vampire slayer

How Buffy Created the Modern Vampire

Spike’s introduction to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in season two took the show in a whole new direction and helped define the path by which the show’s other awesome villains were made.

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The Best TV Moms

Mothers are all over the small screen, and they have been for quite some time, so today, we will count down our picks for the best TV moms in history.

Best TV fathers

The Best TV Fathers

Parenthood has always been a theme television creators like to explore, and, in celebration of Father’s Day and all the wonderful dads out there, today we’ll list our picks for the best TV fathers

Michael Scott

Why Michael Scott is the Best Boss on TV

With characters like Prison Mike, film screenings of Threat Level Midnight, and spontaneous group musical numbers to “Stayin’ Alive,” Michael always keeps his workers and audience entertained.