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Horror Movies Sealed with a Curse

Horror films are made for entertaining and inciting fear but the viewer goes home and leaves the nightmares behind. Rarely is the experience of the cast an afterthought.

Zombie Taxonomy

Zombie Taxonomy

The popularity of the zombie as a titular creature in horror did not rise in popularity until after George Romero’s creation. It is to him that we owe the universe of zombies enjoyed today.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in a Shell: A Franchise Overview

Award-winning, Japanese director Mamoru Oshii and prolific screenwriter Kazunori Itô joined forces to adapt Shirow Masamune’s stunning award-winning cyber-tech Manga anime that sparked a multi-decade franchise.


Batman: The Long Halloween Released

Now, fans of Batman and the two films can enjoy the official soundtrack from WaterTower Music. The track listing features twenty-three original songs created by Michael Gatt.

Indiana Comic Con

Indiana Comic Con 2021

With over a year in planning and waiting, the states’ comic book convention returned this past October. The convention was initially slated to return in 2020 but due to the global outbreak and pandemic plans were quickly shelved after several setbacks.


Moonfall Expected Release Date

“Moonfall” is a space-based disaster film by brother and sister team Roland and Ute Emmerich and Centropolis Entertainment. Centropolis is responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster feature films of the past two decades, including Independence Day, 2012, and Day After Tomorrow.


Jigsaw: Innovative Crime Thriller Coming To Netflix

A new action-packed thriller will be arriving on your favorite streaming service in the near future. “Jigsaw” is a new heist drama that follows a non-linear form of storytelling that allows the viewers control of the narrative. “Jigsaw” is currently still being filmed at the Netflix Studios in Brooklyn, New York, and will be the first production of the newly formed Bushwick Studio.


Creepshow Season 3

“Creepshow” (2021) is in its third season, running on the horror platform Shudder. The creepy anthology serves its viewers a variety of delectable tales of terror weekly. And although each episode is divided into two 25-minute segments, each bite-sized morsel is more than enough to tantalize the palate.


Symbolism of the Magical Keys in Locke and Key

It’s hard to see the magical keys in Locke & Key as being meant for anything but evil. Some, like the music box key, only bring sinister implications. Seriously, in what way is controlling others a good thing? One could also argue that the good of the keys depends on how the possessor uses them.