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SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation: A History

You may have seen games on steam with SCP in the title or various references, videos, and bits of lore scattered around websites and forums, but is it exactly?


CosplayFlex Available At Hobby Lobby Stores Nationwide

If you love cosplaying and making your own costumes for Halloween, then your passion is about to become more accessible. The material known as Cosplayflex is a popular one-of-a-kind thermoplastic used by creators to make homemade costumes.


The Observer

A short horror story told from first person that begins with a suicide and only becomes more mysterious as the story goes on.



Hunted: A Poem By Iscah Agas The light glows blue at the doorstep of antiquity The silver sky turns orange in a moment of serenity I’m here alone with the curtains drawn so secretly For… Read More »Hunted

Awake Header


“…It all happened so fast. He pulled me in far enough to take a fuckin’ bite out of my shoulder. He fucking bit me, man! By Ethan Bach He opened his eyes. In his slightly… Read More »AWAKE