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Locke and Key

Locke & Key: Season One vs. The Graphic Novels

“Locke & Key”, a Netflix series about a family that moves into a house full of magical keys, wowed audiences with its first season, despite the fact that it strayed significantly from its source material.

Horror Novels

Five Horror Novels You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

There are novels you like. There are novels you love. Then there are novels that you start reading when you get home from work or school and by the time you look up, you should have gone to bed two hours ago. Those are the novels that you know you’re going to read again.

Devil In Ohio

Devil In Ohio Picked Up By Netflix

Netflix announced it has picked up the drama Devil in Ohio as a limited series. Inspired by a true story, the suspenseful thriller is straight from the 2017 best-seller by author and executive producer Daria Polatin (Jack Ryan, Hunters). Polatin also serves as the showrunner for the limited series. Polatin is currently executive story editor for Starz’s new wrestling drama, Heels.

Cursed Books

Cursed Books You Should Not Read

The world as we know it is a strange and mysterious place. There are places that we have not yet discovered and dangers that are yet to unfold. Included in our unknown world is the study of literature and stories. Here is a list of cursed books from around the world that were banned, destroyed, or are just too risky to read.

Red Mother

The Red Mother Volume 2: A Review

Daisy was a retired puzzlemaker at the beginning of this comic series, The Red Mother (2020), by writer Jeremy Haun and artist Danny Luckert. The story opened with Daisy enjoying a well-earned happy relationship and the profits from a company she sold with her friend and business partner.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Guillermo del Toro’s book titled “Cabinet of Curiosities,” is filled with beautifully illustrated pictures of del Toro’s imagination. The pictures throughout the book range from scribbled sketches with personal notes, design blueprints, posters, and notebook entries.

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire: A Novel Review

Many authors and their descriptions have told us that vampires are evil and wicked because any creature that feeds off the death of another isn’t meant to exist in our kind conscience pricking world. But in 1976, an English writer Anne Rice, decided to disprove these insulting stereotypes by leaking to us a secret exclusive coverage in a novel she titled “Interview with The Vampire”.

Young Adult Horror Authors

Young Adult Horror Authors To Read

Where does a love for horror begin? Somebody showed you this new world and it drew your mind to the different horrifying ways of imagination. Here is a list of young adult authors who inspired newcomers to the world of the dark side.