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Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons The Terror (2007): A Review

In the year 1845, the British Naval ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror set out under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin to discover the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. The two ships never returned from the voyage.


Banned Books of Horror

Horror touches the most intimate parts of humanity, exposing their weaknesses and leaving them simultaneously vulnerable and empowered.


Nosferatu Remake in the Works

“Nosferatu” is a film that never should have existed, yet it laid the groundwork for vampires as we know them today, as well as for the horror genre as a whole.

Heart Shaped Box

Heart Shaped Box (2007): A Review

An aging heavy metal star with an intense love for the macabre, Judas Coyne’s unique collection ranges from a witch’s confession letter to actual snuff films.