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Nosferatu Remake in the Works

“Nosferatu” is a film that never should have existed, yet it laid the groundwork for vampires as we know them today, as well as for the horror genre as a whole.

Heart Shaped Box

Heart Shaped Box (2007): A Review

An aging heavy metal star with an intense love for the macabre, Judas Coyne’s unique collection ranges from a witch’s confession letter to actual snuff films.

It Bleeds

If It Bleeds (2020): A Review

“If It Bleeds” packs together vintage King horror themes with their own strangely unsettling twists that will leave any reader satisfied yet wanting more.


Uzumaki (1999): A Review

There are words for every sort of fear a human could possibly have these days. Animal phobias, environmental phobias, medical-based phobias and…spirals?