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It Bleeds

If It Bleeds (2020): A Review

“If It Bleeds” packs together vintage King horror themes with their own strangely unsettling twists that will leave any reader satisfied yet wanting more.


Uzumaki (1999): A Review

There are words for every sort of fear a human could possibly have these days. Animal phobias, environmental phobias, medical-based phobias and…spirals?

Horror Novels

Horror Novels to Wait For in 2022

Grim, ghastly, and gruesome, phrases you came to love in 2021 for the many horror novels you read and movies you saw that still keep you up at night. Good news, 2022 will be worse.

If It Bleeds

If It Bleeds (2020): Book Review

“If it Bleeds” Is a horror anthology from the maverick of horror Stephen King. This release marks King’s 75th book to see publication and the 11th of his collection of written nightmares.