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Scream (1996): A Look Back and Review

Scream (1996) is a unique “typical” slasher movie that focuses on hitting every slasher flick trope. The movie is a meta parody as the characters are all familiar with horror movies with horror movies and the set rules to follow in order to survive.


Jaws, Knowledge, and Experience

In the movie Jaws (1975), Hooper irritably mocks Quint for his “working-class hero” shtick. It’s a throwaway line in the film, but I always saw it as a much-needed moment of self-awareness about the dynamic between those two characters: the tension between the two characters does hark to the traditional “working-class hero versus the wealthy academic” trope.

Evil Cars

Top 3 Evil Cars in Horror Movies

Believe it or not a haunted car actually sounds frightening. Some may think it’s a stupid idea and it seems silly for a car to be haunted, but could you imagine the many ways you could be tortured or killed by a possessed vehicle.

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky (2021): A Review

The film Blood Red Sky (2021) released on Netflix this past month is everything anyone could want from a vampire film and more. While it is advertised as a thriller, it is truly a drama underneath the horror and violence occurring on screen.