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From (2022): A Review

At the premiere of “From”, no one expected it to be the gem of a series it turned out to be. However, sometimes the best gifts are unexpected, which is never bad.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home (2020): A Review

“Sweet Home” is a monster fest. Never have I seen such a display of grotesque beings in all shapes and forms. The creativity of this series alone earns it major kudos.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Part Two

“The Walking Dead”, AMC’s flagship horror series, draws towards its twilight. Finally, AMC will lay the series and walkers to rest, a sad realization for die-hard fans.

Shining Vale

Shining Vale (2022): A Review

No matter how far we run from the past, it always follows us. In the new 2022 series, Shining Vale, we can see how haunting the past can be through an eerie yet comedic lens.