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What Is The SCP Foundation?

SCP stands for “Secure, Contain, and Protect.” It is the central mission of the fictional organization, which is made up by a massive, collaborative, and community-driven creative writing project on SCP-wiki.net.


2021’s Resident Evil Film Details Revealed

According to director Johannes Roberts, the upcoming 2021 Resident Evil film will be titled: Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. The setting of Raccoon City portrays a vital role. The film will be a reformation of the first two Resident Evil games and provide an origin story.


Dark West coming to the big screen

The Wrap, to the thrill of all vampire fans, broke the story that Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015) writer-director Kiah Roache-Turner will adapt Richard Kadrey’s original screenplay Dark West.

The New England Vampire Panic

The New England Vampire Panic

The New England Vampire Panic is often throughout history that superstitious and frightened people attributed illness to supernatural or demonic beings


Todd McFarlane’s SPAWN Reboot

Horror was at one point a dead notion in Comic Books until its spectacular revival done by Todd McFarlane’s Image comic book “SPAWN.”