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Cursed Books

Cursed Books You Should Not Read

The world as we know it is a strange and mysterious place. There are places that we have not yet discovered and dangers that are yet to unfold. Included in our unknown world is the study of literature and stories. Here is a list of cursed books from around the world that were banned, destroyed, or are just too risky to read.

Green Knight

The Green Knight Was Scarier Than The Original

“The Green Knight” differs from the original story in a big way. Unlike John Boorman’s “Excalibur” (1981) or the popular TV series “Merlin”, the film takes an art house style approach: atmospheric, visually beautiful, and unquestionably disturbing.

Blood and Donuts

Blood and Donuts (1995): A Review

In its humble beginnings as a Canadian film, Blood and Donuts (1995) is a supernatural comedy horror that has all the charm of a sitcom. Of course, it can’t be a horror without its monster.


Hush (2016): A Review

In just about every scary movie, there is always one common takeaway; silence is key, and if you’re quiet enough, you might just survive. But what happens when you can’t hear the gravel under your feet, or the glass breaking in the next room, or the sound of footsteps across wood floors?

House Walk-Through

Defining Horror by House Walk-Throughs

For those familiar with the world of horror games, Silent Hill P.T. (2014) may ring a bell or several. The most misleading description, and yet the most accurate, is that the title is a playable videogame demo of a future psychological horror game called Silent Hills. No, the game is not out yet –and it will never be.

Red Mother

The Red Mother Volume 2: A Review

Daisy was a retired puzzlemaker at the beginning of this comic series, The Red Mother (2020), by writer Jeremy Haun and artist Danny Luckert. The story opened with Daisy enjoying a well-earned happy relationship and the profits from a company she sold with her friend and business partner.


Splinter (2008): A Review

A young couple and the criminals who have taken them hostage must put their animosities aside to escape a killer unlike anything they could have imagined. Unfortunately, they are far from help, no one is coming, and the thing that lurks is only getting bigger. This is Splinter, a 2008 horror starring Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, and Jill Wagner.

April Fools

April Fool’s Day (1986): A Review

The film April Fool’s Day (1986) takes on an interesting mix of horror and comedy, leaving viewers pleasantly satisfied with the terrible events occurring throughout the story. Reminiscent of the famous mystery author, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None novel which was released years before, the film creatively and uniquely picks off it’s characters.

Disaster Films

Roland Emmerich: Disaster Films

There is something alluring and deeply frightening about massive destruction, whether through man-made or natural events, which Emmerich has been able to harness and flourish. This list will compile of his most impressive films that left lasting impacts on society and reflected societal fears of the times.