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All Movie and TV Show Reviews. Get the Latest Reviews from New Upcoming Releases and Revisiting Some Classics From the Past.


Case 39 (2009): A Review

“Case 39” not only deals with real issues such as adoption, child abuse, and foster care, but also possession, obsession, and the evil that lies beneath.


Halo: The Flood

In “Halo: Combat Evolved”, players are introduced to a vicious war against the Covenant, a group of aliens hellbent on humanity’s extinction.


The Mist (2007): A Review

Stephen King has published and released many unique, and compelling horror stories and books throughout his career. One iconic story is his 1980s novella, “The Mist”.


X (2022): A Review

“X” follows a group of young filmmakers from rural Texas in 1979 who set out to make one of the best and most meaningful adult films.


Firestarter (2022): A Review

“Firestarter”, a reboot of the Stephen King classic, can now be found streaming exclusively on Peacock. Under the direction of Keith Thomas, this old story finds new life.

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons The Terror (2007): A Review

In the year 1845, the British Naval ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror set out under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin to discover the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. The two ships never returned from the voyage.