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Check Out Our Writer’s and Editor’s Picks When Searching for What Movie or TV Show to Start Binging From Your Favorite Platforms.

Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates Horror Legend

Kathy Bates has been thrilling fans in film for years. And she has some pretty horrifying roles to her credit. She is known for embodying one of the most horrific characters in the genre of Horror.

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky (2021): A Review

The film Blood Red Sky (2021) released on Netflix this past month is everything anyone could want from a vampire film and more. While it is advertised as a thriller, it is truly a drama underneath the horror and violence occurring on screen.

animated horror

Top Animated Horror Films And Shows

While modern society tends to associate animated films and shows with children and lighthearted fun, there are several works that have been produced throughout the years containing horrific, dark themes.


The Blob, A Review

Growing up watching 80’s movies with my mother was one of the best parts of childhood, although she always warned me against one film… Chuck Russell’s “The Blob.”