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Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn (2021): A Review

“Anne Boleyn” is a 2021 reworking of a story of antiquity. The director takes us back to a time of monarchies tainted with sordid affairs of all sorts.

See For Me

See For Me (2021): A Review

“See For Me” was an exception in and of itself. A blind young woman named Sophie has been picking up house sitting and pet sitting gigs as of late.

The Hitcher

The Hitcher (1986): A Review

“The Hitcher” (1986) begins with Jim Halsey traveling through the Texas desert to deliver a car in San Diego, until he made the fateful mistake of picking up a hitchhiker.

SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation: A History

You may have seen games on steam with SCP in the title or various references, videos, and bits of lore scattered around websites and forums, but is it exactly?


Hulu: Best Horror in January

These are the best horror films coming to the streaming service in January. Don’t expect a lot of sleep in the coming month!

Better Watch Out

Better Watch Out (2016): A Review

“Better Watch Out” follows Ashley, a young adult who visits the suburbs to babysit a twelve-year-old boy named Luke when his parents leave for a holiday party.