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Creep Review

Creep (2015) is an accurately named horror film with an unsettling plot centered around the interactions of two men. Aaron accepts a job with only an address and the promise of $1,000 for a day of filming. Shot in the found footage style similar to Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and The Blair Witch Project (1999).

Dawn of the dead

Dawn Of The Dead and Society

The function of myth I’m analyzing (regarding Joseph Campbell’s functions of myth) is the Sociological function. This particular function is characterized by a way of life that is introduced to the audience, or reader, that teaches what behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t, and what might happen if you deviate from these rules or laws.



Hunted: A Poem By Iscah Agas The light glows blue at the doorstep of antiquity The silver sky turns orange in a moment of serenity I’m here alone with the curtains drawn so secretly For… Read More »Hunted

Movie Ratings

Age Ratings Part 2

In practice, the X rating was such a mess, especially in those early days, that I’m not exactly going to blame anyone for fighting against it. Especially since a lot of the arguments for making the movie X rated were pretty unfair.

The Exorcist

Age Ratings and The Exorcist Part 1

As someone who spent my early adulthood watching NC-17 horror movies (mostly thanks to Rob Zombie), it’s very interesting to look back at the controversy surrounding The Exorcist (1973).

Sixth Sense

The Emotional Weight of The Sixth Sense

I think pigeonholing The Sixth Sense as that movie where the guy was dead all along is kind of unfair. Yes, this is how the movie ends. However, that’s not really what the movie is about; not in the way that The Village is really about its twist ending. I honestly think the ending is the least interesting part of the Sixth Sense.