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Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime September 2021

As August rolls into September and summer begins to wind down, a new batch of terrifying films will be making their way onto Amazon prime. Here are the best horror movies coming to Amazon Prime Video this September!

Hulu's Fright Fest

Hulu’s Fright Fest Available September 2021!

October is known as the month of all frights. But this year, the horror’s come early on Hulu. September will be the home to some of the greatest Horror releases. Although many are re-released, they don’t age. This compilation does not represent every cinematic horror release to air on Hulu but are the ones that are recommended.


Scream (1996): A Look Back and Review

Scream (1996) is a unique “typical” slasher movie that focuses on hitting every slasher flick trope. The movie is a meta parody as the characters are all familiar with horror movies with horror movies and the set rules to follow in order to survive.

Stranger Things

10 Awesome Things About “Stranger Things”

Stealing our hearts and focus back in 2016, the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon with its 80’s nostalgia, captivating mystery and Eggos. With season four set to premiere in 2022, fans are eagerly awaiting the two year hiatus to end and to be reunited with their favorite characters. To help tide fans over, here are some fun facts about the last three seasons and the characters, as well the actors who portray them. Beware, there are some spoilers if you haven’t watched season one through three yet!


Jaws, Knowledge, and Experience

In the movie Jaws (1975), Hooper irritably mocks Quint for his “working-class hero” shtick. It’s a throwaway line in the film, but I always saw it as a much-needed moment of self-awareness about the dynamic between those two characters: the tension between the two characters does hark to the traditional “working-class hero versus the wealthy academic” trope.

Young Adult Horror Authors

Young Adult Horror Authors To Read

Where does a love for horror begin? Somebody showed you this new world and it drew your mind to the different horrifying ways of imagination. Here is a list of young adult authors who inspired newcomers to the world of the dark side.

Evil Cars

Top 3 Evil Cars in Horror Movies

Believe it or not a haunted car actually sounds frightening. Some may think it’s a stupid idea and it seems silly for a car to be haunted, but could you imagine the many ways you could be tortured or killed by a possessed vehicle.

Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates Horror Legend

Kathy Bates has been thrilling fans in film for years. And she has some pretty horrifying roles to her credit. She is known for embodying one of the most horrific characters in the genre of Horror.

Scary Dolls

Top 7 Scary Dolls in Horror Movies

Scary is always the number one priority and theme for every horror, psychological, and thriller movie. In this article, we will be talking about top 7 scary and creepy dolls in horror movies.