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Cailen E Fienemann

Cailen Fienemann is a current student at Le Moyne College pursuing her BA in English and Communications with a film studies minor and a creative writing concentration.  Though uncertain about her career end-goals, any job that allows her to write is a cherished one indeed.

“Brooklyn 45: A Review"

“Brooklyn 45: A Review”

A paranormal drama that points the finger with story-driven characters. Five World War II veterans are sucked into another realm at the request of a friend who won’t take no for an answer.

Red Notice (2021): A Review

Red Notice (2021): A Review

“Red Notice” is a tense but light-hearted action film with many rib-tickling quips, beautiful sights, fun characters, and plenty of guns. But for those who are looking for an action movie that is not too focused on the action itself, this might be a great option. Filled with moments of suspense and grief, director Rawson Marshall Thurber delivers an action film that emphasizes the characters’ interactions, motivations, and suffering.