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House Walk-Through

Defining Horror by House Walk-Throughs

For those familiar with the world of horror games, Silent Hill P.T. (2014) may ring a bell or several. The most misleading description, and yet the most accurate, is that the title is a playable videogame demo of a future psychological horror game called Silent Hills. No, the game is not out yet –and it will never be.

resident evil marketing candle

Viral Marketing In Horror

Now more than ever, a successful project of any medium hinges on its ability to market itself in an engaging way to the right audiences.


MADiSON, An Overview

Nosebleed Games revealed a never-before-seen official trailer for “MADiSON,” a new psychological, first-person, horror game that resembles “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” (2017).

haunted house

Haunted Attractions: A Brief History

The haunted attraction industry that exists as an offshoot of Halloween traditions, however, can arguably be placed back to our old friend, the Victorian era.

until dawn tropes

Exploring Tropes in Until Dawn

Six years ago, one of the most unique horror games hit the market: “Until Dawn” (2015). Developed by Supermassive Games, and published by Sony, the game offered a unique balance of video game controls and movie storytelling.


Returnal: The Plot

“Returnal” (2021) is a psychological horror video game containing rogue-like features from the third-person perspective. The game is PlayStation 5 exclusive and is out now. Players follow Selene, a space pilot, who is stuck on a strange alien planet called Atropos.