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Check Out Our Writer’s and Editor’s Picks When Searching for What Movie or TV Show to Start Binging From Your Favorite Platforms.

Pain Hustlers

Pain Hustlers (2023): A Review

A woman named Liza, desperate to get a job and steady flow of cash for her and her daughter, meets a man named Pete who tells her he could make her 100k in a year. That was only the beginning.

Kung Fu Main Image

Top 5 Kung Fu Movies

With so many great films to choose from it would be impossible to know where to begin. So, to help you out on your kung fu movie journey, here are five films that stand out the best!

Scariest Films of the 70s

Scariest Films of the 70s

There were no more lies to tell the American Public and, to reflect this, horror films made no attempts at modesty.