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The Last Rite

The Last Rite (2021): A Review

“The Last Rite” is disappointing when it comes to points in originality, however, it does provide an intense and thrilling experience when watching for new horror fans.


Parents (1989): A Review

Despite its lackluster name, “Parents” is an old horror comedy that is oddly entertaining to watch, even if the comedy is not what I was expecting.


V/H/S/94 (2021): A Review

In October of 2021, Directors Timo Tjahjanto, Simon Barrett, and Jennifer Reeder released the fourth installment in their V/H/S series, known infamously as “V/H/S/94” (2021).


Pilgrim (2019): A Review

The filmmakers question what the real meaning of Thanksgiving is in a constantly modernizing society while throwing in gore and horror channeling the energy of a 1980’s slasher.

Last Survivors

Last Survivors Acquired by Vertical Entertainment

Vertical Entertainment has officially acquired the North American and UK distribution rights of “Last Survivors”, a dystopian thriller starring Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Stephen Moyer (True Blood), and Drew Van Acker (Titans).


Candyman Horror Series

The new “Candyman” (2021) movie this year, the series has seen a spike in interest and a new wave of horror enthusiasts invested in the story.