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The Thing

The Thing (2011) As A Prequel: A Pale Comparison

During the opening scenes of John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic The Thing, we follow a two man crew of Norwegians chasing a dog across the Antarctic tundra by way of helicopter. The Norwegians land near an American base camp, getting killed due to mental errors and a language barrier that prevents them from conveying the danger that will follow the Americans if the dog lives.

Creeping Flesh

The Creeping Flesh (1973): A Review

Despite the name, The Creeping Flesh (1973) is a British Horror film that focuses more on the meaty details. According to Professor Emmanuel Hildern, his trouble began once he came upon a giant skeleton during an expedition in Papua New Guinea, 1894. After transporting it back to his in-house laboratory, he discovered that it grew flesh where the skeleton had direct contact with water.


Zombeavers (2014): A Scathing Review

Zombeavers (2014) is a horror movie directed by Jordan Rubin. This is a film that takes place during the present day. It focuses on a toxic waste outbreak that affects the cities beaver population.

Black Christmas

Black Christmas (1974): A Review

Just like several horror films and stories, the film Black Christmas (1974) utilizes subtle symbols and messages throughout the story to emphasize specific emotions within the audience. Many times these emotions are fears that society as a whole is experiencing due to traumatic experiences or history changing events.

The Wolfman

The Wolfman Films (1941) and (2010)

Everyone loves a good werewolf story, with the gory details and the sad, isolated lives of those who have been cursed with lycanthropy. The 1941 film produced by Universal Studios, The Wolfman was one of the first ever on screen appearances of a werewolf and their lore.

They Live

John Carpenter’s They Live (1988)

From the many original and unique films created by John Carpenter, the film “They Live”, released in 1988, mirrors modern society perfectly while adding a horror aspect that frightens anyone to their core. The strong and bold social commentary throughout the film portrayed through the subtle symbols of the growing homeless population and the increasing wealth gap presented to the audience.

Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime September 2021

As August rolls into September and summer begins to wind down, a new batch of terrifying films will be making their way onto Amazon prime. Here are the best horror movies coming to Amazon Prime Video this September!

Hulu's Fright Fest

Hulu’s Fright Fest Available September 2021!

October is known as the month of all frights. But this year, the horror’s come early on Hulu. September will be the home to some of the greatest Horror releases. Although many are re-released, they don’t age. This compilation does not represent every cinematic horror release to air on Hulu but are the ones that are recommended.


Scream (1996): A Look Back and Review

Scream (1996) is a unique “typical” slasher movie that focuses on hitting every slasher flick trope. The movie is a meta parody as the characters are all familiar with horror movies with horror movies and the set rules to follow in order to survive.